Pinning because I ship them and that I have been singing this song lately. Love it!

This woman is my destiny by FourDirtyPaws, Walk the Moon confirmed on 2 soundtrack?

There's no way, that their relationship is platonic!

Inter-species relationships in Zootopia are probably the equivalent to homosexual relationships for us.

Zootopia Strip - Poznaj Hopps przez RobertFiddler

This week I had less freetime, than I normally do, so I experimented with Zootopia artstyle that is simple to draw but still nice enough for a comic. Zootopia Strip - Meet the Hopps

What'd I say?? by TomatoGoatee on DeviantArt

"Never doubt a bunny." Just a pleasant reminder of how both predators *and* prey are victims of prejudice in Zootopia. That's right, NO privilege to be seen here!