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I desperately grapple to light my way. To flood the black with clarifying light - with makeshift comfort. But there is no illumination I build that can crack the despairing darkness. It will consume me.

Norwegian artist Rune Guneriussen& installations are straight out of a magical fairytale. Can you imagine stumbling upon a trail of glowing lamps in the middle of the night? Don& pinch me because I don& ever want to wake up from this dream .

James Turrell via the Ringling Fine Art Library

POOL AND PAVILION Jim Jennings Architect Done in collaboration with artist James Turrell and landscape architect Tom Leader Studio: stone sky

Salt Labyrinth Installation by Japanese artist Motoi Yamamoto

More than halfway through art school, Motoi Yamamoto uses salt to create intricate labyrinth patterns on gallery floors or in baked brick form to construct large interior structures.

Yes, I really like portraits, but portraits without faces… LOVE! The crisp, clean jackets, married perfectly with the distorted pulled paint… sigh… so beautiful! These very well dressed, mysterious men are the work of French artist Carole Brémaud - and even though I don’t know what any of these fellas actually look like, I am in fact, completely smitten.

These very well dressed, mysterious men are the work of French artist Carole Brémaud This would be interesting to try and recreate as a photography collection

Japanese artist Kohei Nawa created an amazing foam installation that took over the entire room of a gallery in Japan.

Kohei Nawa's Foam installation created a cloud-like landscape of soapy bubbles. Japanese artist Kohei Nawa filled a dark room with billowing clouds of foam for this art exhibition in Aichi, Japan

Packing Tape Spiderweb

Packing Tape Spiderweb Installation by Viennese/Croatian design collective For Use/Numen. - 21 Works of art using office supplies

Non-sign - an installation piece by Lead Pencil Studio, located near the border between the U.S. and Canada.

Land art sky screen “Non-sign” an installation piece by Lead Pencil Studio, located near the border between the U. and Canada

tara_donovan.jpg 450×3.909 pixels  Tara Donovan (b. 1969, New York) is an American artist who lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. She is known for site-specific installation art that utilizes everyday materials whose form is in keeping with generative art

Work Quotes: QUOTATION – Image : Quotes Of the day – Description tara_donovan (artist) How do artists transform spaces?

Textiel sculptuur - Derick Melander. Een interessante stapelvorm, omwille van de originele materiaal keuze en de kleurschakeringen.

Derek ~ Materials:Second-hand clothing, wood and steel lbs. of carefully folded, second hand clothing, crisscrossed around a central spine.

Art | アート | искусство | Arte | Kunst | Paintings | Installations | “Aerial” tape installation by Monika Grzymala

Installation Aerial par Monika Grzymala :: Tape, patience and imagination Aerial is a facility of the Berlin artist Monika Grzymala, made entirely with a big black tape, she dresses a column and two white walls with incredible dexterity.

Melted teapots

Thanks to The Jealous Curator for sharing the ceramic work of London-based Chilean artist Livia Marin. These gorgeous pieces are from her series titled Nomad Patterns

Autumn Leaf Cycle "Controlling the poplar leaves in an eddy of the mighty Clutha River in Otago was challenging. Ultimately they were made to stay where we put them by corralling them using little sticks pushed into the riverbed and trimming them to just below the surface of the water. Many leaves were waterlogged and sank to the bottom before we were finished but we persevered because it expressed the idea of cycles. "  Martin Hill

Stunning Land Art Reflections Complete Circles of Life

Ephemeral Environmental Sculptures Evoke Cycles of Nature nature land art - environmental artist and photographer Martin Hill with his longtime partner Philippa Jones.

Giuseppe Licari

- I love how much more intricate the root system of a tree is than the branch system. There is a great contrast between thin thread like roots to thick sturdy roots tree roots emerge from the ceiling in an installation by giuseppe licari …