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Georg von Welling 1719 " Ripley-Rolle - manuskrypt XVI w. " [I really have no idea but I wonder if this is meant to be after Richard .

Sacred Geometry STICKER heart chakra art with flower of life in green

for mom °Heart, Anahata Chakra - Sacred Geometry Art by PearlWhitecrow. I Love: "Love is the answer to everything in life I give receive Love effortlessly unconditionally"

Cartographies of Time by peacay on Flickr.

Cartographies of Time-(Historical map of Italy) by Girolamo Andrea Martignoni, A visual analogy between geographic space and historical time. chronological charts in cartographic form. The streams at the top of the chart represent the nations conqu

1845. An essay on symbolic colours, in antiquity--the middle ages--and modern times. From the French of "le baron Frédéric de Portal". With notes, by W.S. Inman. / Sacred Geometry <3

An 1845 essay on symbolic colours, in the middle ages and modern times. From the French of "le baron Frédéric de Portal". With notes, by W.

A late 17th century perpetual Calendar

Antique Scientific Instruments and Globes; Classic Cameras - A late century perpetual Calendar


British Library, Harley f. Miscellaneous treatises on alchemy, including John Lydgate& & Churl and the Bird& England, second half of the century.

Alchemy art

" It is erroneous to confuse alchemy with chemistry. Modem chemistry is a science dealing only with the outward manifestations of matter. It never produces anything new. One can mix, compose and.

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The Rebis: symbol of the divine opposition of the alchemical elements of sulfur and mercury, representing the internal need for the existence of opposites and their useful consideration inside the human psyche.

Alchemy:  #Alchemy, Johann Daniel Mylius 1618.

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It Was Never Random • • ✴ • • The Flower of Life is the nesting of many Vesica Piscis. As Healing Meditation, view yourself in the Centre of this Hologram and allow the surrounding Geometry to be the perfected form of your Etheric Field. This allows access to your Divine Blueprint and wakes up the diseased organs to remember their Original Form; that is why Sacred Geometry is about Remembering Who You Truly Are.

The Flower of Life is simply the nesting of many Vesica Piscis; that is why Sacred Geometry is about Remembering Who You Truly Are.

alchemy, Sir George Ripley 15th century

Emblematic Alchemy in English verse, with an English version of the Visio mystica of Arnold of Villanova – Ripley scroll

Janko Domsic (1915-1983) | Дай зин!

We know almost nothing of Janko Domsic’s life or the circumstances of his…

Jung's First Mandala. "This is the first mandala I constructed in the year 1916, wholly unconscious of what it meant."  ~ Carl Jung. / Sacred Geometry

Carl Jung Depth Psychology: Carl Jung's first Mandala