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Sienna Miller

Striking: Sweeping her golden locks into a side-parting, tamed with a plait, Sienna allowed her hair to fall down and around her shoulders, framing her features

natural makeup // sienna miller

Sienna Miller is such a natural beauty and her gorgeous blonde locks are a perfect extension of that :) -P.

juste comme ça

sienna miller - great makeup example - this just goes to show what 3 items can do - loads of black mascara, bronzer a matte red lipstick - LOVE this look Her hair is fine like mine, but that ends ANY similarity

Brit-girl waves.  Sienna Miller gives us hair envy once again!

Sienna Miller Raises the Bar on Brit-Girl Waves

recogido  siena

Sienna looks great with this loose plait style. Achieve her radiant summer look by steering clear of heavy make-up and just wearing a sweep of bronzer, a lick of mascara and a slick of a hot red lip colour.

Sienna Miller

Sienna Miller Photos - Sienna Miller attends the Premiere of "The Sea Of Trees" during the annual Cannes Film Festival on May 2015 in Cannes, France. - 'The Sea Of Trees' Premiere - The Annual Cannes Film Festival

Melena rubia muy larga escalada

55 Beautiful Lengthy Hair Ladies With Layers , Long hairstyles with layers is some thing a lot of us strive for more than the years. When you have extended hair, you have a lot of style choices to .