I'm the Cabin 6 instructor, Molly Chase-Jackson. I'm smart, kind, and love swimming.

may lynn oneil younger sis of april oneil my creation not my art tho

Kristina Webb--this one might be my favorite out of what I've seen for whatever reason.

By Kristina Webb | Drawings ️ |

♡ Kristina Webb, 20 years old, New Zealander currently living in the States, In love with with travelling, photography and art.

Stunning Colored Pencils Drawing Works by Parvaaz

What I enjoyed about this drawing is how realistic it is and the combination of colors. Stunning Colored Pencils Drawing Works by Parvaaz

How cute love it took me for ever

this Is the first time in my whole life I drawn Bambi sooo. I hope you think it's good to Yes I know shame me! Bambi Drawing in color

This picture shows emphasis because everything is in black and white except for her lips. Because her lips are a color it draws my attention to her lips.

this picture shows emphasis because the red on her lips stands out so much. when i look at this picture i see the red first then look at other things. the red is the dominant element