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Barbie confessions: the Princess and the Pauper bloopers are hilarious especially the Julian one. I can't help laughing every time I watch it.

But seriously a spider bigger than my hand freaks me out and would not want it anywhere near me 😨

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“I love Barbie as Rapunzel more than Tangled. Even though Tangled is a good movie, Barbie as Rapunzel holds a huge place in my heart.

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Barbie Confessions: I wish somebody would love me the way Derek loves Genevieve

Barbie confessions: When I was younger, I worshipped Barbie movies. I absolutely loved the Nutcracker, Rapunzel, Swan Lake, the Island Princess and especially the Princess and the Pauper. But when it comes to the newer movies they seem like they're conceited. Charm School? Fashion Design? Popstars? What happened to princesses teaching us classic lessons?

I actually do love charm school though. I know it's one of the newer ones, but the princess and the pauper was my childhood along with swan lake, and the island princess, I use to sing the songs all the time!