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Help with basic expressions

Expression Face tips

How to draw expressions that mean different things by changing just one facial feature at a time.

How to draw cartoon faces: free resources by http://sarahrenaeclark.com | Learn to draw your own cartoon characters | Cartoon eyes, cartoon noses, cartoon faces, cartoon heads, cartoon mouths, Cartoon hair | Design reference for drawing faces | Character poses

How to draw cartoon characters

Drawing cartoon facial expressions/eyes/mouth/etc

I get what she was trying to do and it's extremely well put together buuuuuutttttt I can't get past how freaking awful this is for our young children to be exposed to. Fuck disney seriously, between the newest crap ,opps I meant crop, of shows that are shallower than a rain puddle and this shit, it's no wonder we have an entire generations of girls hating themselves.

TUTORIAL: Disney Girls, may never use but useful if I ever get asked to draw Disney Princess style.

Doggoon Species Trait sheet by mowtei > Interesting character base, I really like the look of these guys

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Martial art comic strip by Zeeko

Dan and Phil- Phil starts eating it and Dan punches😂

Have you ever wondered what you might look like as a cartoon character? If so, American artist Rober DeJesus has got you covered – he turns stranger’s photos into anime versions of themselves.:

American artist Rober DeJesus turns stranger’s photos into cartoons


Eye drawing expressions Cuddles' Expression Tutorial/Ramblings by CuddlesAndHuggles on DeviantArt