Here be a number of sketches I've done for my Animation class.  They're generally "verb drawings" where we draw a number of poses illustrati...

Ting Country: Animation One . Character Pose Sketch / Drawing Illustration Inspiration /// why do half of these poses remind me of Hinata Shoyo?

Hi! this is a blog where I post my drawings! I hope to improve and make all of…

i sort of sketch basic shapes first and make sure everthing is spaced the way i want it before inking. This is sort of my process for you to see!


we are still getting ice cream right? i love that he said that and i would do that if i wanted ice cream too


In Gentlemantown your costume has to be a little on the swank side otherwise they will make fun of you at parties for being… ‘lame.

Mermaid                                                                                                                                                      More

Best sketches of my last training session tonight ~ mermaids ! I have so much pleasure to draw them - Those sketches are training, as I wrote. And it& done with my artstyle : .

15727149_1840973049517512_4752815330391500087_n.png (960×618)

"Shhhhhhhhh," Nyx pushed a hand into Icarus' face. Icarus responded with both middle fingers and hissed swears, but Nyx looked away and did not respond.