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“When the bombs fell she was there. I watched on the news as the city fell apart. I’m slowly breaking as I ask myself ‘why couldn’t I save her?

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Spaliłem nadzieje, ale może jednak nowy rok będzie lepszy w/∞Infinitum∞

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Darkness-anime-anime boy-black and white-cry-lonley-lonliness-sad anime boy-sadness-scared.

Твоя вайфу мертва

"Do you feel the pain now?" He snarled as Michel fell to his knees, clutching his throat, doubling up in pain. "Do you feel alive now?

What a beautiful drawing... black and white than the blue eyes all together make 4 a breath taking pic. ^_^ But yet sad :'''(

Lagi El Nagil (Wand of Fortune), orange hair, orange eyes, open shirt // It's funny how the edited black and white with blue eyes version of this pic is pinned more times than the original