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Deadbeat dads, may your day be filled with guilt and shame.

Yep haha people at work say I hulk out when i carry heavy stuff!

~ If I really like you, Ill be sarcastic and tease you relentlessly. If I dont like you, Ill be very polite and pleasant. I think I may have somehow gotten this backwards.

Funny Ecard: The stick figure decals on vehicle windows are not pedestrian 'kill scores’ but represent family members? I'll remove mine ASAP to avoid further confusion.

If in a conversation, you say...

Also I may just stop conversation and sing the song.I will at least sing the words of the song while still conducting the conversation

Be scared when I get quiet,   something is a brewin.... and it ain't gonna be good.

Waiting To Exhale: Woman Scorn.Women be like nope I ain't mad.

So much easier

Cross out the word husband and replace with boyfriend, and this is my life!

Love this lady :)

Funny pictures about Betty White's words of wisdom. Oh, and cool pics about Betty White's words of wisdom. Also, Betty White's words of wisdom photos.

Box fan, ceiling fan

Fans have many purposes: White noise and cooling you off. I can't sleep without the white noise

It could have been affordable, but the Republicans would only agree to a plan without caps on the insurance companies. We need Medicare for all. It works.

"Affordable" care act. You keep using that word - I do not think it means atfar you think it means. Funny princess bride spin-off!

I do this and then I judge you.

Which I did to the spelling and grammar mistakes in this. Result: not socially acceptable.