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Nohkalikai Falls, India

25 Most Amazing Waterfalls

A waterfall is a place where flowing water rapidly drops in elevation as it flows over a steep region or a cliff. The world has many waterf.

Dangar Falls,  NSW,  Australia

Here Are 28 Beautiful Waterfalls With Beautiful Drop Of Water Can Be Heard On The Far. Waterfall at Sunset - Dangar Falls, Dorrigo, NSW, Australia by -yury-

Lindas Cachoeiras do Brasil--Cachoeira de Paulo Afonso – Bahia/Alagoas

Lindas Cachoeiras do Brasil

Paulo Afonso Falls, Brazil (Cachoeira de Paulo Afonso) 104 World’s Most Famous And Amazing Waterfalls – part 2


The most beautiful waterfall in the world, Salto Angel, Venezuela

Waterfall | Krimml, Salzburg, Austria

Krimml Falls is located near the village of Krimml in the High Tauern National Park in Austria. It si considered as the highest waterfall in Austria.

Blanche, Cascade, Reunion

White Waterfall (in franch, Blanche Cascade) on Bras de Caverne River, in four steps with the first drop being 400 meters - Réunion Island (in Indian Ocean), France

Sunwapta Falls in Jasper National Park Canada. I want to go see this place one day. Please check out my website thanks. www.photopix.co.nz

Sunwapta Falls is a waterfall of the Sunwapta River located in Jasper National Park, Canada. It is accessible via a short drive.

Cuquenan (or Kukenan or Kukenaam; 670 m, the second tallest in the world) Falls - Venezuela

Cuquenan Falls (or Salto Kukenan, Kukenaam, or similar) is the second tallest major waterfall in Venezuela after Angel Falls