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*sob* Trasnlation:  'Ah,ah.' 'Why' 'Why...' 'At that time ...' 'I was not by your side' 'I'm sorry' 'Luffy'

' 'I was not by your side' 'I'm sorry' 'Luffy'/Luffy,Sanji/One piece

tumblr_nhzqx5nj3d1t09bnno3_1280.jpg (250×960)

tumblr_nhzqx5nj3d1t09bnno3_1280.jpg (250×960)

This art is not okay! But...I just had to repin this...u feel my sadness??

I love Garp. I really want to see Luffy and Garp to have a sappy family moment.--> what're you talking about Luffy and Garp DID have a great family reunion-Garp pumbled Luffy for falling asleep even though he fell asleep too

Portgas D. Ace x Nami

Portgas D. Ace, Luffy and Nami