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I love this sculpted tree on the wall.

Cob house cob wall [tree] sculpture and shelves. love the book shelves.

DIY Pet Stuff...  How Cool is this? White Birch wall cat tree

White Birch wall cat tree I like this item because it natural looking and brings something unexpected. I have two cats so I would like something comfortable/attractive for them to lounge on.


codes and laws surrounding earthship construction -link all about getting approved

Ingenious cob shower design! Who needs aluminium shower door-frames and doors!

Who needs aluminium shower door-frames and doors! Imagine this as an outdoor shower.

Built in nooks in the wall Stairways, ideas, stair, home, house, decoration, decor, indoor, outdoor, staircase, stears, staiwell, railing, floors, apartment, loft, studio, interior, entryway, entry.

I can include beautiful artistic features in a straw bale house as here in this cob house . love the niche and corner to corner shelf thingie

Step by step guide to built in windows in cob building.

This pinner says -The other method of doing built in windows in a cob wall is to simple embed a panel of glass into the cob and then cob around it (building u.

I love this cat tree. Check out the kitty portal through the top of the wall. I like the cozy kitty cottage vibe of this setup. I thought this was a book shelf. Love it as a cat stand also.

Source: industrystandarddesign.com

10 Fantastic Uniquely Shaped Doors to Draw Inspiration From

Repurpose while building naturally! A little design adjustment and it could expand for moving furniture in and out.

Greg has spent another week or so working on the cob house, and this week I have been in awe of just how fast he is!  It really is incredible. Greg tiled the countertop around the sink, and finishe...

plaster, finish floor, and more!

A site offering classes on building a cob house. Seems like this is coming back into style? In any case, a more organic living arrangement could be interesting, at least visually.