how could anyone resist that look

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exquisite profile, beautiful black cat

\><\ Black cat The smallest feline is a masterpiece ~ Leonardo Da Vinci

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This looks like a kitten version of a cat I used to have named, Jacko.

'O An'da Yakalanan Eşsiz Fotoğraflar

Most Perfectly Timed Photos Ever: cats heart shape with tail perfect timing


NightPelt // Male // Tough, Sleek, Sneeky, Eyes Can Make You Do Almost Everything // Parents : Died In A Fire // Siblings : None // Played By Me

NEVICA black cat with blue eyes....I want this cat tattooed!

Adorable blue eye black kitty in snow. I love this picture, i have never seen a blue eyed black cat before.

Cat love Wicca. Always wanted a black cat, had him for years now.  Best cat ever!

~Black Cat Prayer~ I am the black furred cat. No evil is within I am the same as other cats underneath my skin Please help me to dispel this bad luck myth I bear Not just for me I pray but for Black Cats everywhere.

“A lovable black cat!”

** "Peoples who take selfies with de dead willz do justs about anythin' fer…

* * HUMAN: " I believe in miracles - how ya been? Yoo fluffy thing now....."

Y o u F l u f f y T h i n g