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Superhero TV and movie costume progression. Makes you wonder what our heroes will look like 50 years from now.

Original X-Men by Jim Lee - This was my favorite of the centerfolds offered in X-Men #1's variants. Jean Grey looks amazing in this image, I'm pretty sure it took me years to discover the other X-Men were even there.

Marvel Girl, Beast, Iceman, Angel, Cyclops and Professor X - X-Men original line-up by Jim Lee (c.


comicmultiverse: “ dcuniversepresents: “ Superman (unchained) by Jim Lee ” Man of Steel ”

Grifter by Jim Lee

Grifter, from the WildCATS. pencils : Jim Lee colors : me a quick coloring (about min) as a warm up. I hadn't played with a Jim Lee piece so .

Jim Lee WildCATS 4 DPS Comic Art

Jim Lee WildCATS 4 DPS Comic Art

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We've been hearing lately a buzz about a possible Thundercats movie. That would be pretty sweet, since the Thundercats was one of my all time favorite cartoons. So I thought it would be a good idea to check some cool illustrations to enjoy the cats.

El pasado fin de semana con ocasión de la celebración de Halloween ¿Cuántos se han presentado en alguna fiesta con el celebre disfraz de The Flash? Y es que The Flash nunca pasa de moda. Con la siguiente infográfica te proponemos acelerar a través  75 años de trajes de The Flash  desde el origen del superhéroe en …

75 años de trajes de The Flash

Infographic: Fascinating Costume Evolution Of ‘The Flash’ Over The Last 75 Years

Ghost Rider

Esad T. Ribic - Ghost Rider: Trail of Tears - Variant Cover//Esad T…

Thundercats Crew Lessons Learned About Team Work | Leadership | Learning Through Doing | Adventure | Overcome Failure Through Action | Love

¿Se acuerdan de los Thundercats?