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Grave beau

handsomedogs: “ instinct-photography’s Alaskan Noble Companion Dog, Yarrow. (previously submitted) ” umMMMMMMM SEND ME A PACK

Am Tag unterwegs

Because on a Bright Sunny day, with Lighting and Angle They Managed to Make this Black Wolf's Eyes Pop and the Focal point of the picture.

Cute black wolf cub!

it is said that black wolves have dog in their lineage. Wolves LOVE puppies and will always take in and care for pups of any type.

Beauté du loup

He won't bite. That's what I was always told after they bit me. Thoughts of a retired mail carrier. Only 5 times in 35 years of service

sisterofthewolves: “Picture by earthfireinstitute ”

Black wolf(Canis lupus), a sub-species of the Gray wolf. Picture by earthfireinstitute.

Wolfdog  Half wolf - half German Shepherd

Wolfdog Half wolf - half German Shepherd