Greys Anatomy.But its true for a bunch of other of my favorite shows too :(

Grey's Anatomy Problems Yeah I really miss George.and Lexie.and Mark. Wow, a lot of people die on Grey's

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Grey's Anatomy Problems: I am actually hoping that they bring Addison back on Grey's Anatomy with her husband and child because that would add two new doctors to the show.

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25 Funny Greys Anatomy memes

"I cry during every episode so this quote totally relates to me. worst thing is I work in a hospital and ask everyday why is this not like in the show" I DO TOO! The crying part, not the working in a hospital part.

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Grey's Anatomy Problems You get emotional when Chasing Cars comes on the radio and no one else understands why. This happened to me yesterday awwww this is so trueee :'( So much this. I cry every damn time I hear it