Mom Puts Together Adorably Creative Meals For Her Kids

Mom Puts Together Adorably Creative Meals For Her Kids


Apple Bee - made from red and green apples and a plum. ( Apples are a good source of fiber, but to kids this just looks like fun! Kids need fiber to have healthy poo that makes potty training easier!

Ice Cream for Breakfast

61 Incredible Food Art Ideas For Kids: Moms will do anything to get kids excited about going back to school.

Peanut Butter Dinos

Peanut Butter Dinos

Peanut Butter Dino- Sometimes kids just don't want to eat healthy. Here are some clever ways to disguise perfectly healthy breakfasts.

When you do letter of the week crafts with your preschooler, don’t you love to do a snack with them? We love fun snacks that encourage learning and the kids can help create. Weeks back we sha…

Letter of the Week Snacks: T is for Tree

14 Amazing Kawaii Sandwiches

Simple Keroppi BFFs for Valentine's! 🐸🐸 Not sure if I'll get the chance to play with my food next week as CNY is just around the corner!

Fun food

Best was cut with shape cutter & spread with peanut butter. Details are done in Nutella & boat is a banana w/ gold fish crackers

cookglee recipe pictures: Hasselback – the sequel

Insanely Delicious Turtle Cookies