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Here's some of the work I did on Advanced Warfare, I am very lucky to have worked with such a talented team.

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Тяжелый экзоскелет "Палладин" — Компьютерная графика и анимация — Render.ru

Here is character model that I recently did for our new project Soldiers Inc: Mobile Warfare. Hope you& like it!

I’ve already spoken a little of my love for this game’s art design, but today I’m going to showcase a much wider range of work from a team of.

Could be modified to look like a wolf's mouth

I know we’ve already looked at art from Infinite Warfare, but this collection of work from Aaron Beck—mostly very cool robots and future space armour—is just too good to let pass us by.

COD Infinite Warfare MP Rig Phantom Complete Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Rigs (Classes) Guide

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare refines the franchise's class-based gameplay by introducing 6 customizable Combat Rigs with unique Payloads and Traits.


ArtStation - Infantry Units, Prog Wang

Prog Wang is an artist based in California who has done stuff with companies like id Software and design studio Gadget Bot.

@mastergecko117 s commision PROTOTYPE ARMOR

@mastergecko117 s commision PROTOTYPE ARMOR