The carnivorous Pitcher Plant

Non-friction story: Researchers create 'world's most slippery surface - for the ultimate non-stick frying pan?

Experts inspired by the pitcher plant's virtually frictionless leaves copied its molecular structure to create a material which repels almost all liquids.

Nepenthes hamata, carnivorous pitcher plant

Carnivorous Plants – Beauty, Intrigue, and so much Fun~!

Ask Geoff Mansell | Carnivorous Plants in the tropics

Hi all, A short while ago Geoff Mansell made this graceous offer. So please post any questions you have about Exotica-Plants on this thread.

Hydnora africana/ Гиднора африканская

Hydnora africana is an achlorophyllous plant native to southern Africa that is parasitic on the roots of members of the Euphorbiaceae family