urhajos:  Nicolas Delort

Scratchboard -- Paris-based illustrator Nicolas Delort brings colorful characters to life using only black and white illustrations

Daniel Dangers illustrations

redlipstickresurrected: “Daniel Danger (American, b. Boston MA, USA, based New England) - I’d Sink To Your City Streets If I Wasn’t Buried In Your Hands, 2009 Digital Arts ”

Adrien Deggan, Fireflies    actually this looks like a repeating anxiety dream of mine!

Adventures with your cat in the cellar. Illustration Work (children's books) by Adrien Deggan, via Behance

And I heard as it were the noise of thunder One of the four beasts saying, "Come and see", and I saw and behold a white horse.

French artist Nicolas Delort uses a scratchboard to come up with these amazing black and white illustrations. He applies black ink to a.

Laura Barnard Excursion week: aerial drawing from Rialto or Eureka (or not quite…

Massive detailed cityscape, based on the view over hilly Bristol. Originally created as a self-promotional piece, but went on to be used in a publication about housing development. Inspiration for the cityscape drawing

mikemanoart:        My series of incentive covers for IDW’s mini series Night of 1000 Wolves

Night of 1000 Wolves alternate cover Michael Manomivibul (werewolf of the shadows betraying the shadows to the light but its a full moon)

Relevância 3 | Dois climas, pra imaginar uma transição

We wanted to share these images by Danish artist, Tommy Kinnerup, who created these fantastic fish illustrations for fishing tackle brand, Savage Gear.

Feras marinhas

Digital fantasy painting by sandara of a little boat surrounded by giant fish