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Fruit Bowls, Objects, Fruit Trays, Vegetable Trays

Michael Kukla carved wood sculptures. Carved plywood...

Stratal (plus detail), Laminated plywood, 24 x 12 x 6 inches x x 15 cm)

Cube on Behance

And welcome to our second weekly selection of Speed Paintings in collaboration with the Daily Spitpaint FB group . For this first second selection, we've p

IMG_0280.jpeg (960×966)

IMG_0280.jpeg (960×966)

vintage coke can

My favorite soda, vintage-ized

garden-party-clean2.jpg (2080×2999)

This gal creates a soft springtime glow.

Beneath North, detail, marble, 17 x 27 x inches

Ceramics Love | A Cup of Jo

Ceramics Love

Ceramics Love | A Cup of Jo

Progress Before Perfection - Day 301-330 on Behance

Joey Camacho Progress before perfection Day 301 - 330

Woodwork Clock

Woodworking Plans by Clayton Boyer, the Planets Kinetic Sculpture

What do you do when knitting consumes you and painting is the driving force behind your work? If you are Rania Hassan, you combine the two and create paintings that move off the wall to become three dimensional mixed-media sculptures

Artwork by Rania Hassan.more in our artist catalog!

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The Chamber of Cyborgs

Abstract Portrait, Cgi

Eggplant.  Wearable Foods is an eye-catching series by Korean artist Yeonju Sung that presents a line of edible fashion. With these outfits, you wont have to worry about getting food on your clothes. Using a variety of ingredients as her medium, the crafty artist has constructed a multitude of garments with consumable goods that include (but are not limited to) bananas, mushrooms, tomatoes, eggplants, bread, eggs, and even bubble gum.

Spectacular Edible Outfits Made of Ordinary Foods

Spectacular Edible Outfits Made of Ordinary Foods by Korean artist Yeonju Sung, eggplant

Maya Can on Behance