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Female models were styled in space-age silver to match their glamorous hair styles

Ageing punks with grey mohawks rule at Jean Paul Gaultier at PFW

Ageing punks with grey mohawks rule at Jean Paul Gaultier Paris Fashion Week show

Lee Meriwether...Miss America 1955...aka CatWoman.

Lee Meriwether Photostream

Lee Meriwether Photos - Miss America 1955 and actress Lee Meriwether is introduced at the 2010 Miss America Pageant at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino January 2010 in Las Vegas, Nevada. - 2010 Miss America Pageant

Fashion mavens: A new book titled Advanced Style, based off a street style blog, features stylish New York seniors (above). The writer, Ari Seth Cohen, was inspired by his own grandmother

The art of ageing gracefully: New York's most glamorous grannies inspire book dedicated to senior style

'Beatrix Ost is a writer and artist in her She believes that style starts with the food we eat. Beatrix says: "In your body is a good place to be." Photo by Ari Seth Cohen, Advanced Style I will be her one day.

Love this image, it's inspirational

Love the creative head scarf/neck scarf combination as well as her casual elegance.

Great look....the whole package from hairstyle to clothes/accessories ~ mpc

these trousers can add style without even trying, just wear a vest top or a small tight fitting top with these baggy trousers - a good tomboy look

Imogen always dresses a little too warm when she leaves on a mission. It's an old superstition lost to time, though the habit has stuck. Romulus does it too, though Remus doesn't. He just packs more clothes into his suitcase (which is bigger on the inside). It's heavy as hell and is bound to take your arm off if you grab it without knowing how heavy it is.

I love her soft rose eyeshadow and lipstick. It looks fantastic with her silver hair.