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CURB APPEAL – another great example of beautiful design. Twin Stairs, Montreal, Canada photo via globe.

These are somme great pictures! For more go to  #raisingchickens #chickenfarming #cutechickens

I imagine the rooster saying, "Wake UP you lazy Girl!" I love this because I work in the country and every morning I arrive at work, there is, indeed, a rooster crowing in a Leescreek chicken yard.


Snow Arch, Cambridge, England (looks like something out of Narnia) A place for a Narnia cosplay photoshoot maybe?

Window Cat

Kitty-Cat: "Let me go to the window, watch there the day-shapes of dusk and wait and know the coming of a little love." (Extract Taken From The Poem: 'At The Window' By: Carl Sandburg.


Green Shutters, Mallorca, Spain - windows with shutters and ledges (perfect for plants!

Cat's Dish- Rothenburg(Bavaria), Germany

Cat's Dish- Rothenburg(Bavaria), Germany

Window in Abandoned Home-very cool how nature takes back over!!!

"What if part of our secret garden wall had a window with screens to keep deer out, but view of forest beyond.

Chance  Apartment 34 Inspiration : Greece (View from Panagia Hozoviotissa monastery in Amorgos island)

Love this little breezy nook! Sea View, Amorgos Island, Greece photo via renewal

비밀의 정원 - 시크릿가든을 거닐다 - 정원, 'Garden'이라는 단어는둘러싼다는 의미의 라틴어 'gar'와아름...

비밀의 정원 - 시크릿가든을 거닐다 - 정원, 'Garden'이라는 단어는둘러싼다는 의미의 라틴어 'gar'와아름...

View from inside the tower at Cathédrale Notre Dame, Paris.

View from inside the tower at Cathédrale Notre Dame, Paris. Did you know the craftsman left their own graffiti such as "i love my dog, wife, lover." Everyone yearns to leave their mark even while building Notre Dame.

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