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Atrocitus, Larfleeze, Sinestro, Hal Jordan, Saint Walker, Indigo-1, Star Saphire (Carol Ferris), Ray   Palmer (Anti-monitor)

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Tittie's Top 5 Reasons Why All The <b>Lantern</b> Corps Are Awesome!

If you think like me, the introduction of the ROY G BIV element in the Green Lantern series was one of the best ideas ever in comic history.

Lantern corps

Oh yes i have to say darkest night was an awesome series you got all these corps and its just amazing ( Green Lantern Corps, Red Lantern Corps, Orange Lantern Corps, Sinestro Corps, Blue Lantern.

Rojo, Naranja, Amarillo, verde azul, violeta, blanco, negro(Es desir: Ira, Avaricia, Miedo, Valor, Esperanza, Compasion, Amor, Vida, Muerte)

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Lantern Corps.

Lantern Corps ultra print by ~Kid-Liger on deviantART Lantern Spectrum: Black: Death Red: Rage Orange: Avarice Yellow: Fear Green: Willpower Blue: Hope Indigo: Compassion Violet: Love White: Life

Blue Lantern Oath "Hope Burns Bright" ...really reminiscent of a Reese Roper lyric.

The Green Lantern Blue Lantern Oath Magnet features an image of the Blue Lantern's arm, outstretched just above the Blue Lantern Oath, emanating the blue power of coalesced Hope; taken from the hit Green Lantern series, Blackest Night!

Today I learned that there's a BLUE Lantern corps, and that a corgi is (non-canonically) one of its members. And that this corgi makes cutting remarks about how women are dressed in comic books, and is thus awesome.

The Blue Lantern Hope Corgi DEFINITELY needs to be canon. He makes everyone feel better!