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Yes, I'm a superhero. I battle Fibro and multiple other illnesses. Sometimes it takes being a superhero to be tough enough to deal with the pain.

Me = Type 1 Diabetes for 35 years, Hypothyroidism, OCD, GERD, Panic Disorder, year round allergies and a complete hysterectomy 5 years ago, when I was 36.  I'm exhausted often but I look like the picture of health on the outside when I leave the house because I don't want to look like I feel.

Life with Fibromyalgia/ Chronic Illness. O how I wish people understood when you cant do something because you're in more pain then they can see.

Chronic pain?

Chronic Pain patients tend to minimize their pain. pain *i don't really care about seeming normal. i just don't want my family to know how bad it is, because there is nothing they can do. no reason to make them feel bad too.

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Do not confuse my bad days as a sign of weakness. Those are actually the days I am fighting the hardest. This is for anyone in my family who is struggling through a chronic illness, dealing with a heartache or disappointment, or grieving.

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: Fight like a Girl Club. After a long and productive week, I am humbled to my knees; I haven't escaped my disease(s), in fact today they won. So tonight, I will rest.

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Fibromyalgia-read this and you still only see a sliver of this life! I remember feeling tired before Fibro now that kind of day is a good day. At least I could move to take care of my life.



Most every day.

pots/dysautonomia/autoimmune disease/invisible illness/chronic illness - & don't miss out endometriosis!

Number 10......absolutely. It's a rare disorder that not many people have. You DON'T know, so don't tell me I'm not in pain.

10 things to NOT SAY to someone with a chronic illness, such as multiple sclerosis, MS

#lupus // Sorry guys, but my laptop is in the shop, so I won't be able to contribute much for the next several days. This really sucks because *now* there seems to be a lot of stuff to pin out there. It's almost May ...

this so true,, Do you know what Lupus is? What is not is contagious and what it doesn't have is a cure.