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Always ask consent before any sexual act, especially anal. Any body who thrusts a dick/dildo willy nilly: kick them to the curb.) < anybody who uses anything in a sexual act that includes any sort of touching needs to ask consent first

The Sims

The Sims

But that whole child-teen-body-trap thing was very real.

Why I can never run for office, haha

Definitely run for office. Situational murder should be legalised! Asshole trying to rape you? Use deadly force if you have to. Like, we need that kind of thing.

When the script was flipped:

When the script was flipped:

more lgbtq+ centric stories/main characters with obvious identities please!

Okay so I'm afraid of Outer Space, Clowns and Social Situations... That's one hell of a way to die

Okay so I'm afraid of Outer Space, Clowns and Social Situations. That's one hell of a way to die <--- maybe you were killed by a big mob of people with painted faces during the nighttime

My friends and I have a group chat we're we narrate our lives like we live in a tv show

I've nearly done the same thing. XD I think it's a fangirl thing!<<< yep, it's a fangirl thing.

Get away with murder without getting arrested. Actually please don't

New ideas every Tuesday. Every single Tuesday.

Otp fight me

Thanks Mom.  Love you too.

my mom in real life.

I usually watch with subtitles so when something embarrassing happens I just take out my earbuds and read the dialog it's easier to deal with

Secondhand Embarrassment is the actual worst I have to mute the tv or turn off the volume on my iPad because I cannot handle it

Is this the way people on Tumbler converse?


When Dad played favourites: ACE Family

*insert every possible fandom screaming*

Imagine Kaider or Wolflet?!

Fight me / Imagine your otp solangelo!

I actually hate shipping things. I'm weirdly protestant about it. But I'm friends with the shippers, and I can appreciate when something is funny. And if this isn't funny I don't know what is<<<shipping is my life (especially phan, destiel, and drarry)

I ship them so hard <<<<< Is it bad that I read the first two comments to the tune of Broken Heels?