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When you're a tough person like Taurus, concealing emotions is the best thing and this is something they do well. Don't be surprised if you see one burst out in tears or show a fit of rage, it's just them unleashing built up frustration

Taurus Facts: When you know better, you do better, no excuses. Have to: Oh, you thought that not giving me my "share" was okay? Be really glad I don't ever want to see any of you again, cause you have a legal obligation to be "fair,  equally divide those assets", and I could sue your ass, but if I never have to see or hear from any one of you again, best trade off I could have been rewarded with!!!! Priceless!!!!!! Free at last, thank God almighty, I'm free at last!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Taurus Facts (with grammatical errors)! Yes, we are the grammar and spelling police!

You can't fool a Taurus

i suppose this depends, I& pretty gullible. lol Zodiac Mind - Your source for all fun zodiac related content!

If I'm with you, I want YOUR love, YOUR approval,  YOUR acceptance,  YOUR attention,  and nobody else matters.

VERY TRUE! "Only attention a Taurus needs is from the people that matter the most to them.


Just when they thought they knew me. Taurus have layers and layers you have to have to go through to really know who they are

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I don't need red bull, I'm taurus. This is obviously why I don't like red bull!