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I like how it shows them seamlessly working together - I know! Great fanart too, love the flow. Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde, zootopia

There's no way, that their relationship is platonic!

Inter-species relationships in Zootopia are probably the equivalent to homosexual relationships for us.

Disney animal characters turned into humans...probably Ursala did it.

Humanize disney characters -- Most of these are absolutely perfect.although I'm a little disappointed in the Robin Hood and Little John sketch.

Nick... You lickidy lick <--- nice vocab.

FA Zootopia Judy and Nick! this scene comes from my imagine. I want to draw some drama scene!

Say, Judy.. (By Alec8ter)

Say, Judy.. (By Alec8ter)

Say, Judy. (By [Whhhhhyyy! *stabbed multiple times in the heart*]