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Saussure established a science of signs based on linguistics (semiotics or semiology). He believed that any language is just a complex system of signs that express ideas, with rules which govern their usage.  He decided that any individual sign is essentially arbitrary, and that there is no natural relationship between a signifier (e.g. the word "dog") and the signified (e.g. the mental concept of the actual animal).

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Semiotics is the study of signs. It breaks down all things within signs and symbols that we use and see in our every day lives.

Semiotics - Ferdinand de Saussure and Charles Sanders Peirce “ An infographic explaining Saussure’s and Peirce’s notions of semiotics. These theories can help me to create expressive typography in.

Indo-European Language Tree

This is an Indo-European Language Tree. It includes only a fraction of the world languages (that exist today and that have existed). This is just another good visual of how languages are related and stem from parent languages.

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Dr Walter Russell / Sacred Geometry, by "America's Leonardo DaVinci"

Colour psychology  #Luxurydotcom

Psychologist Carl Jung considered color as a vital tool in psychotherapy. He noted that each color symbolizes a particular state or condition, much like.

Neurology of gamig

Video games have both positive and negative effects on the human brain and they educate users through repetition and feedback. Check out this Infographic about the neurology of gaming.


The “Magic” Behind the Curtain: Understanding the Design Process of Hugh Dubberly

Explaining Semiotics - Infographic on Behance

An information graphic poster that explains the key points of semiotics; a visual communication theory that underpins design and language. The aim is to make semiotics a much easier concept to grasp.