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Backwards Bat babies haha Just wanted to draw my band as kids for whatever reason EDIT: Added Hana and Babs (in school uniform based on what kids wore at my last job). I really like how Babs turned.

CpD0zX4UEAMAYoF.jpg (600×849)

TΛB © Caleb Thomas Finished with the original three characters, (from l to r) Abbey, Gibson and Rion. This will be the general style I’ll use for The Virtual Band!

Λnnie Mei Project

alternate hair length alternate hairstyle annie mei annie mei project breasts caleb thomas cleavage collage fashion green eyes hands in pockets highres jacket jewelry lips necklace pendant pink hair short ponytail smile solo

Hana’s Age Progression up to 19 years old. I need more practice drawing children lol.  Hana’s life progresses rather simply.  She goes from ‘having whatever she wants’ to 'getting whatever she wants on her own’.  From a 'spoiled and arrogant only child’ to a 'jealous and bitter older sister".  And finally, from 'getting in and out of empty relationships frequently’ to 'falling in love’. She’s flawed.  And I love flawed characters; th...

Hana’s Age Progression up to 19 years old. I need more practice drawing children lol. Hana’s life progresses rather simply. From a 'spoiled and arrogant only child’.

Me as a viking haha

I got so caught up in Fantasy AU shenanigans that I forgot about this, haha Still trying to nail down a “main armor” for Valkari. Once I have all the shapes, details, etc. figured out for her design, it will be easier to branch off and create a more.


ctchrysler: “ “what kind of benders (or if they’re a non-bender) do you think your OC’s would be?

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this is kind of how i imagine Ronan at least outfit wise, kind of flowy with his medical apron and stuff