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Toilet Paper Origami Book - Seriously, some people have way to much time on their hands. Or some very serious tummy troubles that allow them the time to work out how to do this and write a book about it.


@ Home Design Ideas White Interior Decor Lovely tub--the perfect bathroom This clean home design makes a small space feel larger.

Sophisticated romance with elegant, antique style and soft feminine accessories. Dramatic draperies deliver an element of privacy within the bathroom, gracefully separating the freestanding marble bathtub from the rest of the room. Dim lighting accompanied by natural light help set the mood, creating a truly relaxing environment.

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HGTV Dream Home Master Bathroom - Well of course I love this one! Wood floors, plenty of storage space, delicate lighting and beautiful free standing tub.

Make a Rose with Toilet Paper Origami

Learn how to make a toilet paper origami rose like the ones found in bathrooms at upscale hotels around the world.