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With the use of pigmented ink and paint spilling into water, South African artist Chris Slabber has created a pleasant series of images. Slabber captures t

This isn't just about the left side or the right side - this will help narrow down into which part exactly!

What Part Of Your Brain Do You Use Best?

It is so awesome to see how photo manipulation can work in a piece. I love how they made the explosion of smoke the same color as the body to really touch on the illusion of the face blowing up. It gives the image and uneasy feeling.

How the father must feel sometimes, however, the love of his people cheers his heart, and keeps him going. ( Just my belief )

Depressive art symbolizing "cry me a river". Teardrops from saddened eye making ripples in pool of water.


Alberto Seveso, A Due Colori

Amazing photos captured by illustrator Alberto Seveso by mixing varnish in a fishbowl.

Hush it's a thing that happens

gold blood, known as ichor. blood of the gods and the highest of powers. it ran in their veins, the same as it was in the beginning

Reminds me of my nymph-based book, part of my Marvelous Adventures series.

This interest me because it looks as if three picture have been combined into one overlapping each other. Tough this painting is black and white you see the dark areas and then the lighter areas. Travel and Photography from around the world.

randombeautysls:  randombeautysls: totally wonderful - no credits listed.

In the land of milk and honey, it is the flower that is queen. writing by tait by image and white photography photography flowers art.