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All the weird faces the hetalia characters have made (Ice you okay?<< I see ur canadia and raise u Russia making the fuckin Lenny face

Dancing Queen 4 part 4/5

Hitman Jones and Assassin Kirkland. At any rate, Kirkland's expression and another great drawing of Jones' face earned this a pin!

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Hetalia, the many faces of America. Goodness Alfie, no matter what you look like, I always find you attractive. Your blushy face is adorable~!to iggy XD

THIS GIF I SWEAR TO DOITSU (Ask Hitman Jones on tumblr. Even as a hitman Alfred's adorkable.)

~ I clicked this thinking it'd be just a cute Hitman!Jones picture but iT BLINKS!

hitman jones hetalia

hitman jones hetalia<< fucking love this AU this is too great.

12 Days of Hetalia Christmas by Brittlander (DeviantART) MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

12 Days of Hetalia Christmas by Brittlander (DeviantART) Soooo did England get…