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(1)Dan Howell and Phil Lester are amazing | via Facebook

Dan And Phil being Dan And Phil<< For your information ashens is the hand on the left and this is from his commercial "Who stole my sofa?

Never saying microwave again.

The hills are alive.with the sound of murder. If that's not a great description of Moriarty, I don't know what is.

Haha, My Chemical Romance true story<<< oh that's on everyone's album I just thought my phone was broken ...... For only that song

Haha, My Chemical Romance true story. That scared the crap out mo me the first time it happened!<<< IKR, I was writing the first time Blood ever played on my playlist, I began freaking out and thinking that my laptop's sound had broken

Bwahahahaha! Already married so I'm good but I still randomly will look at a guy and be like you need eyeliner LOL.

Die alone that is XD <--- pinning for that comment omfg <<<< I watch anime and I'm a kpopper rip

Hmm I want them back, but mcr wasn't really helping the boys BC they needed time away. I MISS THEM LIKE F BUT I LIKE THAT I CANT STILL HEAR THEIR MUSIC, even if it's old albums together, or new ones apart.

Hmm I want them back, but mcr wasn't really helping the boys BC they needed time…

TBH, this was a great era for Mikey. He looked beautiful. Though, I do love the glasses+beanie+straitened hair look...

this band.has been my stronghold through everything, any hard time, their lyrics have gotten my through and i've never become emotionally invested in any other band but this one---------- Same girl same. But I've gotten emotional invested in a lot

Dan looks so done even without a face. Always.<< repining mostly just for that comment

Dan and Phil<<< Dan doesn't even have a face but he still looks completely done in the last picture XD