The items here on Pinterest are the things that inspire me. They all have vision and are amazing photographs. I did not take any of these photos. All rights reside with the original photographer

Digging the hair

Bright eyes and dramatic lips enhance this holiday makeup look

18 Ways to Wear Dark Lipstick This Fall

Fashion, Style And Beauty : I am obsessed with dark purple lipstick, and I cannot wait for fall to be able to rock it

Goth Gibson Girl Perfume Bottle. odd combination #packaging what do you think? PD

Buy: Goth Gibson Girl Perfume (Dark Beauty-Scarlet Infusion, Witches' Brew-, Siren's Call and Witch Hazel)

hair must be to the ceiling :)

I suddenly remembered that I had promised to make a post with pics of my jackets and vests, so here they are! I put them in chronological order, because why not. The denim jacket in the middle is the.

Dark Make up!

Dark lipstick is not just for Halloween. This year the dark modern goth lip is taking over the world. Aside from the fact that dark berry, purple and