Baby’s In Black: The Story Of Astrid Kirchherr & Stuart Sutcliffe by Arne Bellstorf. Comic novel.

Cover of "Baby's in Black: The Story of Astrid Kirchherr & Stuart Sutcliffe." Graphic novel by Arne Bellstorf or /comments/classic_penguin_sci-fi_covers_from_the_1970s_by_david_pelham

Phillip José Farmer, Night of Light, Penguin Books, Cover by David Pelham.

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The use of red bring you in, blood or red on a cover will attract the audience as well as red there is that blue with tone giving it a cold feel.

Ta-Nehisi Coates, John Lewis, Jeff Smith and Joe Kubert among August's graphic novel highlights.

Stuart Sutcliffe's Art

Stuart Sutcliffe with notes: “How many people still give their best efforts to something that is unworthy, treating that which they love as a stepchild instead of rendering themselves frankly to the.

Killing and Dying: Stories by Adrian Tomine

Book Covers of Note October 2015

Drawn & Quarterly has announced the October release of Killing and Dying, the newest collection of Adrian Tomine's long-running Optic Nerve series.

Concert posters //via: paper crowns

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La Boca Adele posters

Design studio La Boca created limited edition posters for Adele's European tour. Each night a poster designed for that city and venue was released