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Ithe majority of looms are outrageous in price. then I found these DIY plans in this really cool book on building DIY PVC Weaving Loom.

I made this!  This is my project on Pinterest! Wooo!!!

Excellent example of how turning all cards at the same time can still produce complex patterns

The process of weaving a plaid on a home made frame loom.

Weaving a Plaid (Not a Tartan)

The difference between a plaid and a tartan, and the process of hand weaving a plaid on a homemade frame loom.


Ravelry: chrisofmaine's Cotton tablet case - this is woven on a rigid heddle loom. Looks like a little crochet thrown in.

Weaving patterns of shirting fabrics. The weave of the fabric can influence the style or drape of garment.