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IMG 7952

IMG 7952

The Akhal-Teke is a horse breed from Turkmenistan [os][7001004]

cc The sun really brought out the gorgeous, rich copper tone in this rearing Arabian horse! That is a really beautiful Arab horse ,love the copper colour

Caballo de tiro

gallusrostromegalus: “ Marjolein Scheffers‎ Draft Horse Friends ” Look At the Big Baby!

Great Lakes Draft horse event at MSU?

If I was a warrior from middle earth,this is how my horse would look like.

#africa, #giraffe, #victoriafalls, #safari, #wildlife, #zimbabwe por: llanito77

#africa, #giraffe, #victoriafalls, #safari, #wildlife, #zimbabwe por: llanito77

Dream of Homesteading – 7 Ways to Know For Sure

Funny pictures about A Big Hug From a Gentle Giant. Oh, and cool pics about A Big Hug From a Gentle Giant. Also, A Big Hug From a Gentle Giant photos.

If I had a Fjord horse, I'd grow it's mane out! It's so pretty!!

Pasture Management for Parasite Control

Norwegian Fjord horse with a beautiful mane! Usually their manes are cropped so the dark hairs form a straight line that continues down their backs to their tails, but this looks really pretty all grown out.

Mulassier Poitevin

Gorgeous big working class horse standing in the scattered light of the woods. Dapple grey and beautiful long flaxen white blonde mane and feathered feet. This horse is beautiful!

Whoa! Interesting horse art!

Whoa! Interesting horse art!

Fhater and Son

Look at how closely the head and front quarter markings are on mom and baby. Amazing how genetics will come through at times.