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Gaster Doodles (Undertale)

" "love is an indescribable emotion that cannot simply be explained and cannot be labeled so easily. It can be the most powerful or destruction force anyone can feel my Kin.

so haven’t post anything since I’m busy so have some sad gaster’s......and will continue to be busy...blame it on this song——>www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ap-HeM…

Sans wouldn’t stop crying no matter what he tried so after a while, Gaster started crying with him.Gaster isn't exactly one of my favorite theories but, is MIGH-THEORY ADORABLE!

gaster is a stressed single father and sans is a good son who cheers his dad up with bone puns

Headcanon that Gaster gets stressed over his work easily, and Sans just paps him until the toll nerd feels better.

Floofy Chicken Dadster by minteaparty on DeviantArt

drawn while in floofin's stream~ needed to take a break and decided to let off some steam by doodling a funny idea haha someone in the stream had said t.


And this is why Grandpa Gaster is banned from helping Frisk with their science projects.

#sans, #gaster

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I want to see this reversed. Like,Gaster looking at a picture of Papyrus and Sans.

I want to see this reversed. Like,Gaster looking at a picture of Papyrus and Sans.<<<< my poor baby T-T

Grillby stop being so much fun to doodle I have commissions to work on

the Teacher and the Apprentice by Bunnymuse.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Lets start this year Gaster with the one who inspired the rest! Good old work-a-holic WD Gaster original!