*Salt/Soda Fired - Pamela Church jug. Soooo gorgeous. Maybe I can do a mug handle like this?

Looks Arabic calligraphic *Salt/Soda Fired - Pamela Church jug. Maybe I can do a mug handle like this?

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White stoneware vase is thrown, trimmed, carved and glazed by hand. The sleek lines and contemporary look fit into many decors. It has a raised ring in the bottom so that you can arrange flowers to stand straight up if you wish.

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I adore the work of this artist, Terri Kern. She gives such time and attention to detail in painting (chiefly with underglaze) and carving (sgraffito) her vessels. Sculptural Ceramic Vessel with Yellow Bird and Vivid Blue Waves by Terri Kern


Going, Going, Gone by Hippopottermiss. Perhaps the single best ceramic artist name I have ever heard.


Fine Mess Pottery: Thursday Inspiration - Julia Galloway I like how the shape is -Bri R