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The Wounded Giant by Long-Pham [OS] (x-post from -r-ImaginaryMindscapes).


The City of the Future by Jose Borges How do you imagine futuristic cities? I prefer to believe that cities will grow high, leaving old and traditional buildings beneath. This illustration of Jose Borges perfectly reflects my vision.

medieval-battlefield-aftermath-battle.jpg (1920×1080)

Installment of The Disturbance Quadrilogy is here! Wingman is thrown into the battle between is heart and his realm and he takes on his new friend.

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Russian artist Vladimir Manyuhin had enough imagination to draw some of pretty realistic illustrations about how world might look after apocalypse.

medieval castle, fortress, light tower with bridges in the dark night orc design concept art environment design by Jesse van Dijk Lightbringer, digital inspiration for graphic designers concept artists matte painters

ヤマオカ さんの BackGroundArt ボードのピン

scifi-fantasy-horror: return to base by jcircle - park jong won - CGHUB Cyrail: Got an artwork or an artist you like?

Sci-Fi - Imgur


Please click the picture for a bigger size. Radoslav Zilinsky’s 2007 artwork “The World”. Please check out Zilinsky’s site for more .