Michael Manning at Bill Brady Gallery (holy shit this is beautiful and I don't know what it is doing to me)


Photo (Horror // Glamour)

adventicemagazine: “ Falling Falling with mirrors installation by Rafaël Rozendaal at Nordin Gallery Stockholm, November 2011 ”

Jacob Hashimoto - Selected Exhibitions - Mary Boone Gallery 2014

Jacob Hashimoto - Selected Exhibitions - Mary Boone Comprised of thousands of the artist’s signature bamboo and paper “kites” intricately strung together, Gas Giant offered the viewer an immersive, shifting, free-floating arena to explore.

Lascaux Cave Painting Centre by Snøhetta, Duncan Lewis and Casson Mann

Snøhetta with Casson Mann and Duncan Lewis were recently announced as the winners of the prestigious Lascaux IV: International Cave Painting Center competi

Drawing Machine (To Your Hearts Content), Interactive Mixed-Media Installation by Joseph L. Griffiths- I want it!

lehroi:  Nam June Paik TV Cello, 2003.

Nam June Paik: Tv With TV cello Paik continued his interest in sound and video as distinctive aspects of his art. The cello, made up of television tubes encased in clear perspex.

Tanabata festival inspired installation by Ebony Bizys - But as soon as I saw this I thought: ooo sensory box instead of sensory tub! My kids are too long legged and crazy for sensory tubs but a box...something huge they could run through and that we could tie and endless amount of things to, over and in... Yes! Gotta build it.

10 Most Inspiring Installations Around The World

‘Tanabata’ festival inspired installation by Ebony Bizys at ‘Kawaii Pop’, Kudos Gallery, Paddington, Sydney, June

Michael B. Jordan looked hot as ever at a Spirit Awards nominee brunch in LA in January 2014.

24 Michael B. Jordan Photos That Will Make You Feel All Tingly Inside

Christian Bell will always be my favorite batman!!! I can't believe they got Ben Aflec... :'(

Ben is an awsome Batman Bale and Keaton are close seconds.