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Ratchet & Sunstreaker

Ratchet & Sunstreaker

That's Starscream for you.<<<<. Megatron looks like he's posing for a picture

Megaton doing the whole pull my finger thing from that Leonardo da Vinci painting with God and Adam and the hidden brain

"The Battle at Sherman Dam" by Entry for Robot-Japan's October/November Fun Draw, themed "The Duel" Optimus vs Megatron by

#wattpad #fanfiction Get ready to piss your pants and die of laughter cause it's time for *drums start playing* Transformers Funny and Random moments! Thank you for coming out here tonight. Tonight we have Transformers prime, G1 Transformers, Transformers animated, Transformers RID, and Bayverse Transformers. Don't wor...

Transformers Funny and Random Moments 2.0 - best grump cat meme ever

Grumpy Cat as Ultra Magnus.awww, c'mon Magnus, it's not that bad.