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transformers prime scientists by GoddessMechanic on DeviantArt. It's like two siblings where Knockout is trying to get Ratchet in trouble with Momma Shockwave.

Transformers Prime: Spy by RoboticMasterMind on deviantART Megatron Be Like: "Soundwave, ya smart, ya loyal.

goddessmechanic: “ War of the Cybertron - Transformers Prime version Optimus prime & Ultra magnus ”

transformers prime | Tumblr

Love Transformers Prime, but the first time I saw Megatron in that dramatic introduction I exploded into laughter because of how skewed his eyes were.

Aw Come on, Seriously?

Love how Ratchet is like "hwha- oh bee- ohh." Optimus is like "Son? Son are you alright? Son plz idk what to do">>>And Bee is like "Come on, dad, I just want to go out and see the coNCERT"

SHOCKWAaAAAAV&PREDACOooOONS!!!!!!!!! My Work Transformers Fan event 2018/4/1 All Hail Cybertron7 flyers Illustration