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#wattpad #fanfiction Transformers Prime spoofs and bloopers! Need a laugh? Leave it to Team Prime! There are references to other TV shows and movies all over this book. I like to see how many of ya'll notice. It's pretty fun to leave them around and see who recognizes them. So have fun with that~ Hope ya'll enjoy!

Transformers Prime: Spoofs and Bloopers - Yes...

TF: Care to Lend a Hand? by DoodleWEE.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Aww, Ratchet does not find the joke funny. -- The mini transformers make their return--LULZIES! *D* Yargh, so here be Wheeljack, doing what he does. TF: Care to Lend a Hand?

Optimus prime's monologue - I missed my old friends... good bye... Orion pax , Megatronus, Ratchet, Soundwave sketch

transformers prime scientists by GoddessMechanic on DeviantArt. It's like two siblings where Knockout is trying to get Ratchet in trouble with Momma Shockwave.


XD I wish I could do this so I didn't have to hang out with sertain people DX