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Hilarious TF pics - Page 25 - TFW2005 - The 2005 Boards hahaha XD

Hilarious TF pics - Page 25 - - The 2005 Boards



Fang. by on @deviantART

by on DeviantArt

Portal 2: From the sky to the core. No pun intended. (Except maybe a little.)

Portal From the sky to the core. No pun intended.) GLaDOS, Chell, Wheatley, Turrets, they're all here.

MTMTE #16 Cover color by on @deviantART

I was lucky enough to color one of the MTMTE covers, even luckier because this cover was made the awesometastic Nick Roche [link] But be .


2 Days of Deadlock! My HP all gone. _(: And please prepare your own tissue if you have bleeding.

Birthday Surprise by Valong on DeviantArt

Starscream and Windblade. I love this pairing in every way, in every version. No matter if in humorous, dramatic, erotical, weird .

Memories by Dzorek::: just to point this out that I now just started reading MTMTE and I just found out that rewind dies. This is literally the saddest day of my life.

Haha kill me pls

Bad Bots poster by ~botmaster2005 on deviantART (Blaster, Jazz, Carly)

Bad Bots poster by on deviantART (Blaster, Jazz, Carly) Would be better than the actual Bad Boys movie.

Brainstorm and Perceptor

Brainstorm and Perceptor

Lio Convoy Sketch by on @deviantART

Lio Convoy Sketch by ZeroMayhem on deviantART

Language learning by eabevella

It was peng-ko’s [link] brilliant idea that Vos curses a lot in ancient cybertronian and for some weird reason, curse words were the only new cybertroni.

Since when is Perceptor scary?