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Fair...nothing says summer like this feeling!!!

It was like a mad carnival where everyone was oblivious, lost in the bliss of chaos, a throng unaware of a bomb planted beneath the floorboards.

I remember looking up, holding my arms out, the wind blowing through my hair and feeling like I was flying.

life is like a carousel - going up, going down. but always moving at a steady pace - and creating joy with the motion

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Critical Mass 2007 Winners: Jeong Mee Yoon

JeongMee Yoon’s Pink & Blue Project was recently captured in the New York Times and highlighted a trend that…

Californa sky

I use to dislike palm trees when I lived in San Diego (felt they should only be on an island somewhere).now I'm surrounded by pine trees & mountains, & although beautiful.they have taught me to appreciate & miss my palm trees

Parc Asterix, just north of Paris. The park features all the characters from the comic books and their playful twist on Gallic history and mythology. (Forbes, 2014)

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Tonnerre de Zeus roller coaster at Parc Astérix in Plailly, France.The Theme amusement park is based on the stories of Asterix.