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14 Products That Will Make You Say 'Shut Up And Take My Money!'

I bet a man came up with this design. Who wants somebody going to the bathroom in the family room? Who wants a lounge chair in the bathroom? The sanitation factor on this is a nightmare.

Ashley Lebedev - "Birds of Passage" | New Faerieland

Birds of Passage // Whimsical Photography // Ethereal Photograph // Fairytale Photo // Fantasy Photography // Fine Art Print // Dark Art The Devil, which desires will you project?

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69168757558441.59db0aa8e4889.jpg (1400×2097)

Fall/ Winter 2016-2017 Headwear Trends: Bucket Hats & Sailor Caps

Fall/ Winter 2016-2017 Headwear Trends

Today’s agenda is to draw your attention to all the fall/ winter headwear trends that have been spotted recently in the main fashion capitals.

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FV contributor Laura Luchtman from Kukka [INSPIRATIONS + PRINT ] series. Laura's background is in the field of Surface/Textile Design and Fashion Illustration and specializes in Bodyfashion.