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I want a Rory Williams

I want a Rory Williams in my life. Every girl deserves a Rory Williams. I want no Prince Charming, I'm looking for my Rory Williams ~A.

I would marry Rory Williams so fast it would rip a hole in time and space.

"Two thousand years. The boy who waited. Good on you, mate." literally the perfect couple. Amy and Rory Pond

And the best part is that in the first picture her mental age is around 15 and she's acting like a teenager being told off by her mother. In the second she looks kind of annoyed but used to it and in the last picture she just looks fondly exasperated.

That last part of the paragraph really got to me. "A friend would have been in there with her. River didn't want a friend. She wanted her parents. doctor who, river song, amy, rory

gotta love Rory's "I've had it up to here i'm rory your amy and we have to bail out the doctor  let's do this amy c'mon i'm just going to ride this motorbike" moments! xx

"Can you ride a motorbike?" "I expect so. It's that sort of day" Oh, Rory. I love the Ponds.

LOVE repin if its a better love stiry than twilight and comment if twilight is a better love story. This better not get any comments or i will hunt down whoever said twilight was better

Day Character You'd Like to Date Rory Williams, the Last Centurion & the perfect boyfriend.

Y'all need to watch the vary first episode and everything you ever have known about doctor who will make sense

This really does break my heart, cause you tend to forget that the Doctor was a dad once. And then you realized that he had a wife and kids, and he destroyed Gallifrey. Doctor Who punctures your heart, people.

The Doctor's Wife....its just an amazing episode. so much of this episode is perfection. I love it.

The Doctor's Wife.its just an amazing episode. so much of this episode is perfection. I love it. Definitely one of my favourite episodes

That would be the day

Me: *staring at them and doing weird and inhumane noises* Rory: Is she I'll? Doctor: I don't know. Rory: What happened? Doctor: oh no. Rory: You are the Doctor! Doctor:come on. help me to take her here!

The Doctor is Santa!

The Ninth Doctor and Rose Tyler headcanon accepted. The red bike when Rose was twelve

HAHAHAHAHS I was very confused until I read the bottom XD

I don't care that this is wrong, because it's so funny. And David Tennant xD